The better half, Paula Piccinini, attended her first board meeting of the RACV yesterday, but that wasn’t the most exciting boardroom development in our household.

As you may have gathered from this morning’s press, I’ve apparently been expelled from fledgling startup party People Power by way of press release, albeit one with no official authority.

The Age online report exposes the strange process that unfolded yesterday where President Vern Hughes proposed an expulsion motion at 3.12pm, with the apparent support of another outgoing director, Robyn Allcock.

Never mind that the constitution requires support from four of the five remaining directors for such a move and Hughes’s expulsion email explained the following process:

As per the rules, a meeting will be arranged within 42 days to which Stephen will be invited to put his case, before the Board confirms or withdraws the resolution. A suggested date for this meeting is Friday 15 December.

Despite various requirements of our constitution not being met, this press release proclaiming the expulsion went out an hour later.

The reason cited was the Crikey campaign diary, a collection of which can be found here.

The irony of being unilaterally sacked by this duo, who have both announced they will be resigning at the AGM in January, is that I’ve spent the past few months mediating their broken relationship which manifested itself in hundreds of damaging group emails.

I circulated a report to candidates yesterday recommending that they both depart because of their destructive behaviour and we can all see how that went down.

The most important reason to stick around is that I’ve contributed $12,600 of the $21,000 in the People Power bank account and want to ensure that all bills get paid and candidates reimbursed.

Once that’s done, an elegant departure will be the order of the day.

All this drama is quite a distraction from the big commitment in the coming week – chairing my first kinder AGM. People Power’s sandpit politics make the kinder seem like a walk in the park.