One sleep to go and it’s bedlam all around with election night party planning, tally room accreditation, last minute media pitches, belated print jobs, how to vote card distribution, volunteer recruitment and various other dramas all playing out simultaneously.

The Age have given us a good run  today and even pointed out that preference flows give us a real chance. Better late than never.

However, no media turned up this morning to our election eve picture opportunity with Victorian of the Year Les Twentyman endorsing former s-x worker turned author and child abuse campaigner, Barbara Biggs, in Northern Metropolitan.

Put a fork in them, the election is almost done.

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Disappointing but not surprising as the media is getting absolutely deluged with last minute political pitches. Graham Allen’s preferences calculator has lifted the spirits of a couple of candidates because it proves once and for all that we can elected with a very small primary vote.

The numbers were crunched in a 2am edition of but my chances in Southern Metro have been downgraded to number five on the pecking order. No Family First preferences and the very high Green primary vote will almost certainly make it a bridge too far, but it would be great to crack the magical 4% and score almost $20,000 in public funding to pay a pile of bills. Sadly, 2-3% more realistic.

Just when we thought there couldn’t be any more unexpected expenses, along comes the managers of the tally room charging $400 to get three laptops online at our two trestle tables. And to think, this is a government-owned facility.

As for final predictions, I reckon we’ll score a primary statewide vote in the upper house of between 1.5% and 2%, but our 27 lower house candidates will average about 3%.

The challenge will be beating the Democrats in the 5 upper house regions that we’re competing in and knocking off Family First in at least 10 lower house seats.

However, none of this will matter a jot if we get someone up and my money is on either Gabriela Byrne in Eastern Victoria or Karin Orpen in Eastern Metro pulling off a Steve Fielding-esque coup.

The worst result would be falling fractionally short, because we’ll then spend the rest of our lives cursing about how things could have been handled better.

Expect more from your journalism.

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Peter Fray
Peter Fray
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