Why didn’t he milk it for all it was worth? Was Robyn Baillieu, the wife of Victorian Liberal leader Ted, really once a Big M Girl – one of those lascivious lasses used to promote flavoured milk to blue-collar blokes in the seventies and eighties? If there’s any truth in the yarn, surely the Libs would have milked it for everything it was worth – a bundle of ballots in the middle of Labor territory.

CFME disunion? More CFMEU strife? Rumours are doing the rounds that the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union will deamalgamate after the next election. It’s already been said that ACTU secretary Greg Combet has had to persuade them to hold the split off until then so as not to distract from the WorkChoices campaign. If a split is on, it will be interesting to see just who the various groups team up with – and what happens to the Ferguson left.

Can’t they be more continent? Minister for Ageing Senator Santo Santoro has this morning launched the curiously named www.bladderbowel.gov.au website. Does the pen-pusher who settled on that domain name suffer from verbal diarrhoea?