Don’t despair, says Al Gore: People are caught in the headlights of the global warming crisis – so much so they are in danger of being run over, the former US vice-president Al Gore says.  — The Sydney Morning Herald.

Will forests adapt to a warmer world?: Deforestation remains the greatest current threat to the world’s forests, claiming 10 to 15 million hectares of tree-covered areas every year, but climate change may represent a bigger challenge in the long term, scientists say. — Inter Press Service

EU urged to take the lead: The EU has been urged to take a more aggressive stance on carbon emissions in the wake of “disappointing” climate change talks in Nairobi. Green campaigners said that the talks, which ended on Friday, had failed to take into account the rapid pace of global warming and that faster progress was needed. –

The local cost of climate change: Climate change could cost consumers on the New South Wales Far North Coast more than 10-million dollars over the next 25 years, says a local water authority. Rous Water supplies communities in the Lismore, Ballina, Byron and Richmond Valley Shires … (where) available water supplies are likely to decrease by seven or eight percent by the year 2030.  – ABC Online

Clean coal is the future: Australia should look to renewable resources and clean coal technology for its future energy needs, not nuclear power, Labor leader Kim Beazley said today. –