Tim Blair has indeed signed contracts with a news organisation, but not with Fairfax as our sources were suggesting last week.

He has been welcomed back into the News Limited fold — and not as a blogger.

Blair said he didn’t have a position title as such – “in-house vigilante” will morph into something more “job-friendly” over coming weeks – but would be writing a column for the paper.  

This was obfuscation. He will be working as the Daily Tele‘s opinion editor, confirmed News Limited spokesperson Greg Baxter.

In fact, Blair started work at the Daily Tele office today. When we rang him, the one-time Tele chief of staff was getting reacquainted. “It’s good to be back,” he said.

Blair also told Crikey that contracts were indeed drawn up with Fairfax but never signed. However, “friendly contact is maintained”.