Ethical investors know their stuff: The tenth annual ethical investor survey, from Standard Life, finds an extraordinary consistency in the views of green investors. Their top priority is to back companies that promote ethical behaviour in their supply chains, and avoid those that operate in countries with poor human rights unless they are working to improve that. The Observer

Environment minor issue in midterms: Nationwide poll results reported prior to the 2006 midterm election showed that the environment didn’t rank among the top half-dozen issues of concern for potential voters classified as Democrats, Republicans or Independents. Salt Lake Tribune

Out of sight, out of mind: The Australian Government clearly believes it’s picked a winner with geosequestration as a future means of combating greenhouse gas emissions. Over the past couple of months, the Government has held a parliamentary inquiry and a public forum into the issue, as well as throwing millions of dollars into research and development projects and leading a push to change international guidelines. Environment Manager News

Australia faces e-waste mountain: Technology mad Australians are creating a small mountain of E-waste as they discard their old computers, prompting calls for nationwide regulations on recycling and disposal. Sydney Morning Herald