Eight sleeps to go and we’ve finally got on top of the registration and printing process for our 700,000-plus how-to-vote cards across the state. The deadline for registration was midday today and the Victorian Electoral Commission have been very fastidious before agreeing to authorisation.

Now it’s just a case of maximising media and locking in several hundred volunteers to staff as many of the 1600 state-wide booths as possible.

The better half, Paula Piccinini, formally joined the RACV board yesterday after the AGM, so she’s taken the next week off to get on top of her responsibilities and also round up 100 volunteers to hand out 150,000 of my how to vote cards in Southern Metro.

It’s a bit embarrassing, but 6% would be enough to knock off the favoured Greens candidate there’s no point being shy and retiring.

The incredible preference flows have put us in the frame to win four upper house seats with a primary vote of about 3%. However, it is proving a battle to get any media recognition of this. Even Crikey’s Charles Richardson and Christian Kerr have maintained a policy of not mentioning People Power.

At least ABC election analyst Antony Green has conceded preference flows have made us a “wild card” prospect in Eastern Metro and Southern Metro. Antony is a bit more cautious about writing off minor players these days after he estimated Nick Xenophon would get 1-3% two weeks before this year’s South Australian election, when the anti-pokies independent finished up with 21.5%.

It’s amazing what offers come flying in the last days of an election. Robbie Swan’s Eros foundation, who I’ve fallen out with previously, is offering free booths for political parties at Sexpo next week.

Our Northern Metro candidate, Barbara Biggs, is a former sex worker turned author and child abuse campaigner, so we’ve decided to take up the offer. Barb has a double page spread in Woman’s Day this week and gets preferences from every other candidate ahead of the Greens leader Greg Barber, so the first former hooker could be about to crack an Australian parliament with a Steve Fielding-esque primary vote. The media could hardly ignore that one if it plays out.