Too late. You’ve missed your chance. Well, to be fair, you didn’t really have a chance, because the letter for sale on eBay from Alan Jones to Marcus Schmidt has been removed by the auction site this morning. The auction site, not the owner or the letter’s author, deemed it an “inappropriate” item for sale.

An item on, a copy of the original eBay listing, carried the following description by Schmidt of the letter:

This letter is one of a total of four (the first) from Alan Jones that started the whole saga (Alan + Marcus) and goes to the heart of my personal relationship with him and my subsequent appearance within the Jonestown unauthorised autobiography – (letter dated 8 August, 2001).

I can only presume that this auction may cause many conservative, white, middle-upper class, Ivory tower owners upset and result in aggressive and abusive messages from fans, supporters and possibly friends of Alan Jones…

I mostly enjoyed Alan’s company and hold no grudges against the man. He can be a very friendly and caring person and I wish him well.

Instead of writing abusive messages I present an opportunity for those who feel strongly against offering such a letter for auction – an offer to enable me to withdraw this letter from public bid. Forward any such offers through the normal eBay channel…

Presuming there is an audience willing to listen – It is unlikely I will make a further public statement in relation to Alan Jones in the near future and it is unlikely another letter will be offered – however I cannot provide a guarantee that no letter will be presented for sale/auction.

Peter Fray

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