The fuss about Liberal Senator Brandis being appointed a Senior Counsel in Queensland is a political fabrication designed (somehow) to show that there is Liberal corruption in Queensland. That is, somehow the totally undeserving Brandis was appointed because, and only because, he was a Liberal politician.

As far as I know, there is no allegation that anyone was given a $300,000 non-repayable loan for him to get silk – and that is the way things are done in Queensland these days.

Beattie runs the most corrupt Government in Australia and Brandis is the closest the comrades can get to a political diversion. Give me a break.

Brandis applied for silk. He is entitled to do that. Chief Justice de Jersey (who is not a crook) made proper enquiries and came to an independent decision. I agree that the system should be more transparent, but that is not the issue.

The question is: does this man deserve silk?

Let me defer to former Labor Federal Attorney-General Michael Lavarch who told the Comrades at the ABC: “Well, I’ve got a fair regard for Senator Brandis. I think he’s a very strong lawyer, had a very good practice at the bar, and has continued to engage in sort of broader public policy and legal policy development as a senator. So I think he’s a reasonably deserving candidate to become a senior counsel.” Lavarch is a Queensland lawyer and he would know.

And don’t forget Labor’s Gareth Evans who, as A-G, appointed himself a Commonwealth QC. And then there was the corrupt and venal Lionel Murphy who was appointed by Whitlam from A-G to High Court Justice.

Brandis was a proper appointment. The real debate should be about the transparency of the process, not the appointees.