A test for the PM: Is John Howard fair dinkum in his belated discovery of the importance of climate change? A key test will be whether, in the new policies he adopts, he seeks to harness or frustrate market mechanisms. — Ross Gittins, The Sydney Morning Herald

Australian Govt selling its own Kyoto: The Australian government has refused to sign the Kyoto Protocol on slashing emissions and is instead promoting its own agreement to take effect when the current pact expires in 2012. Prime Minister Howard plans to pursue his global warming agenda when leaders from Asia Pacific countries meet this week in Hanoi. — SBS

Kenya still requiring aid: Although recent rains have brought relief to parts of Kenya, three million people in a population of 31 million are still receiving emergency distribution of food, says the British aid group Christian Aid. — Sydney Morning Herald

Britain declares war on climate change: Britain is “at war” on climate change and Labour needs to rally the country into the sort of collective action seen during the Second World War, a former environment minister said. — Guardian

Bush encourages hybrid cars: President George W Bush will tell Detroit auto executives next week that he supports efforts to build more hybrids and vehicles that run on alternative fuels, the White House said on Friday. — Reuters