There’s spectacular sleaze in Sin City scandal sheets today. The Telegraph tells how “Serial speedster and Local Government Minister Kerry Hickey is in more trouble – this time for making NSW taxpayers pay his parking fine”.

Meanwhile, the Herald hollers how “An obscure club headed by friends and associates of the state minister Joe Tripodi could gain millions of dollars from a new town centre that he has promoted for a western Sydney suburb”.

Yesterday, personal push polling by the ALP smearing the family of opposition leader Peter Debnam was exposed. The same day it was alleged that Milton Orkopoulos had told a colleague he was tipped off that he was under investigation by the police by two NSW Coalition MPs.

What else is there to come out? How much dirtier can things get? Well, actually, we’ve been swimming in the cesspool for more than a year now. Things have been sleazy when John Brogden was forced to resign.

Brogden went because of foolishness on his part, idiocy on the part of his staff, bastardry from his internal party opponents, confected outrage from the ALP and journalistic beat ups.

And note the cast list? Everyone’s implicated. Everybody but the poor punters who will actually have to chose which mob they want governing them in four and bit months’ time.