And the seas will rise: German researchers said on Thursday that sea level rises will be the most severe impact of global warming on human society, and that some nations should already be considering a ‘managed retreat’ from the most threatened areas. Reuters

The other side of the shark argument: A group of wildlife and industry officials have hit back at what they say are misleading claims about the number of shark species facing extinction. ABC News US

WA reef indicates past warming: The discovery of a fossil coral reef near Margaret River in WA is a warning that climate change could cause rapid and catastrophic ice-melting and sea level rises. For the reef (believed to have been formed 126,000 years ago) to grow and flourish, sea levels would have to have been three to four metres higher than at present. The Age

Stern Report too conservative: A report released yesterday by the Institute of Public Policy Research in the UK claims that the Stern Report is too conservative in  its recommendations, and that the world has less than a decade left to avoid dangerous climate change. The Guardian

Kofi on the climate: Climate change has profound implications for virtually all aspects of human well-being, from jobs and health to food security and peace within and among nations. Yet too often climate change is seen as an environmental problem when it should be part of the broader development and economic agenda. -Secretary General of the United Nations Kofi Annan, The Washington Post

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