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Bush staying up past his bedtime: President Bush usually goes to bed early, but he’s expected to stay up past his bedtime tonight to watch the election results, according to White House Press Secretary Tony Snow. — CNN

The Perfect Gift For Your Departing Senator or Congressman: On the off chance that things keep collapsing the way they are at the moment, you might want to start thinking about gifts for the staffers and members of Congress who will be going home in January. — Wonkette

Problems Lead Eight States to Extend Some Voting Hours: From a bomb threat in Wisconsin that was allowed to stay open an extra hour, to problems with electronic voting machines, polling places across the country grappled with a variety of problems during the midterm election today that led to at least eight states extending their hours for voting in certain areas. — The New York Times

The Foleys: What began as one of the dullest campaigns in recent memory (even for New York) has happily morphed into one of the best midterm elections ever. We thank Bernie and the boat for starting us off right.

To properly remember these tumultuous six weeks, Early and Often decided to award those who made this election interesting. Our talisman is the Mark Foley doll (see right), the symbol of all that was horrifying, fun, and deliciously democratic this year. Happy Election Day!
New York Magazine 

What will a Democratic House of Representatives under Speaker Nancy Pelosi be like? The Republicans have been painting an unattractive portrait of Democrats roasting young children on a spit in the Capitol rotunda and whatnot. Hoping for a more encouraging view, I picked up “A New Direction for America,” a 31-page manifesto released to little acclaim by House Democrats in June. By all means, read it. But do me a favor and vote first. — Slate

“This gay stuff has gotta stop”: Eight states are voting on whether to ban same-s-x marriages, but in none of them does the issue feel quite as loaded as it is today in Colorado, just days after news broke that pastor Ted Haggard, the former head of the National Association of Evangelicals, had conducted a three-year relationship here with a male escort.Salon

A retrospective of election predictions: Hindsight, as they say, may be 20/20, but foresight is definitely not. Sometimes that’s a problem–a certain August 2001 national security briefing about Osama Bin Laden comes to mind. But the shortcomings of the human mind are not without advantages. To take just one example, they make possible everyone’s favorite post-election pastime: Vicious, bitter recriminations. To help facilitate that process, TNR Online brings you an election retrospective: A look at what various pols and pundits have been guessing, predicting, and prognosticating over the last six months. — The New Republic

Just got back from voting: The line was much longer than I’ve ever seen it before, even longer than it was in the 2004 Presidential election…What struck me today as opposed to previous elections was the excitement in the air. Everybody was chatting and smiling, as if there was a palpable sense that we are on the cusp of taking our country back. — Liberal Comment

Voter attacks voting machine: A would-be voter in Pennsylvania was arrested Tuesday at a polling place in Allentown after smashing an electronic voting machine with a paperweight, according to poll workers. Authorities didn’t know what caused the outburst. “He came in here very peaceably and showed his ID, then he got on the machine and just snapped,” volunteer Gladys Pezoldt told the Morning Call of Allentown. The machine’s screen was damaged and it was not immediately clear if votes recorded on the machine could be retrieved. Police said the man faced charges of felony criminal mischief and tampering with voting machines. — MSNBC

Election 2006: The 10 worst political ads: There was a lot of competition for the 10 worst political ads in 2006, so we cheated a little, with two ties, a few caveats, and a few ads that never made much of an impact off of the small, small screen (the Web). But we think we’ve hit the lowlights of a political season that many are calling the ugliest one in a long time.Salon

Catholics turn: I just received a release from the Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good with some potentially disturbing news. They claim that large numbers of Catholics switched their votes from the GOP to the Democrats in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Virginia. — Captain’s Quarters

Gunslingers and Bounties. Slate’s rolling state-by-state coverage of the best polling disasters: Reports of busted machines from everywhere make it less-than-news, although a bomb threat that closes a polling place will always make you go hmmmm.Slate

CNN election blogger party. CNN

Bust-ups on Bush’s home turf. A former state representative from Dripping Springs has been accused of assaulting the man who defeated him four years ago. A witness said Rick Green shoved and then punched state Rep. Patrick Rose, D-Dripping Springs, while both stood outside a polling place this morning at Sunset Canyon Baptist Church east of Dripping Springs. — Statesman

Remember when I said I would let you know when it’s time to panic? Consider yourself duly notified. — Townhall blog