• I’ve just made my first official complaint to the BBC over its coverage of Saddam Hussein’s trial verdict this morning. I was watching News 24 and was appalled to hear the presenters relishing the prospect of Hussein being given the death sentence…(At) what point did the UK’s historic opposition to the death penalty get thrown out the window in the interests of tabloid speculation and excitement? – Kieren McCarthy
  • The trial is considered a joke in Iraq and around the region. No one took it seriously. And now, Saddam Hussein, a man who no doubt deserves harsh punishment for his crimes, will be brought to American-brokered justice. — Back To Iraq
  • I’m seeing people turn this into a Sunni/Shiite clash, and that is not right. Like I mentioned before, everyone, Sunni/Shiite/Kurd, were (sic) affected by the former regime. But things have not gotten better since Saddam’s days, to say the least, and many people here are just not celebrating. — Thoughts from Baghdad
  • That November 5 date is designed to show some progress in Iraq. This is the last full news-cycle day in the US before the elections. It’ll be Monday. And the American public will see Saddam condemned to death and see it as a positive thing. – Common Dreams
  • Things must be deteriorating beyond imagination if Bush needs to use the “Execute the Dictator” card. Iraq has not been this bad in decades. The occupation is a failure. The various pro-American, pro-Iranian Iraqi governments are failures. The new Iraqi army is a deadly joke. Is it really time to turn Saddam into a martyr? – Baghdad Burning

Peter Fray

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