Thousands join anti-global warming march: Tens of thousands of Australians marched through capital cities across the country yesterday, calling for action on climate change. The Walk Against Warming rally attracted more than 30,000 people in Melbourne while up to 12,000 people braved wet and windy weather to turn out in Sydney. — The Age

More heat, less rain: Temperatures in NSW could jump more than 6C by 2070 and rain levels could fall by 40%, according to climate-change research conducted by the CSIRO. Under a worst-case scenario, spring and summer days would be 7.1C warmer, while the spring rains would be down 60%, the researchers found. — The Australian

Economy meets the environment: The economy exists within the natural environment and there’s much feedback between the two, so that things happening in the economy affect the environment and things happening in the environment affect the economy. We ignore those linkages at our peril. — Ross Gittins, The Sydney Morning Herald

Carbon offsets not just for celebs: Online ticketing agency Travelocity is now extending the option of purchasing carbon offsets to ordinary people. Customers who book vacations packaged through the site have the option of purchasing a tax-deductible carbon offset at checkout: The company suggests a $10 donation to mitigate round-trip air travel, a one-night hotel stay, and car rental for one person; $25 for a longer trip for two people; and $45 for a party of four. — Seed Magazine

Turnbull to nab climate change portfolio? Howard is being pressed to consider creating a Ministry for Northern Development, Water and Climate Change. The proposal aims at concentrating the resources necessary to combat the effects of climate change in one portfolio. — The Courier Mail