Double standards in NSW. Liberal candidate for Epping, Greg Smith, has finished up as Director of Public Prosecutions and will be replaced from today by David Frearson SC. But where are the calls for Rural Fire Commissioner Phil Koperberg to resign immediately, now that he’s chasing Labor preselection? There’s a clear double standard here. Perhaps the Parrot will come winging to the rescue. He could do with a scalp at the moment – and there’s no love lost between him and the fire chief.

The Mouth from the South shut? Tasmanian Liberal leader Will Hodgman has told his old man Michael to zip it after he called Premier Paul Lennon a “brain-damaged, alcohol-addicted thug” in Parliament last week. The Mouth from the South silenced. Who would have thunk it?

Are you blind, ump? Davidson Libs aren’t entirely happy with the weekend preselection that saw sitting MP Andrew Humpherson dumped. It’s thought he mishandled the “branch-stripping” allegations – but there are also dark mutterings with the even-handedness of the chair, NSW Liberal president Geoff Selig.

Reign of terror over. “The Santo years are over,” the text message on Saturday afternoon read. Indeed. It’s been all change in the Queensland Libs after their weekend meeting. Powerbroker Senator Santo Santoro and state director Geoff Greene have been marginalised – and heavies Bob Tucker and Bob Carroll are back, with a little help from a new and unlikely ally, Michael “Khemlani” Johnson.

Now there’s a clear mission statement. From the Irish government website “The Department of Finance’s Central Decentralisation Unit regularly provide updates and material in relation to progress on the new Decentralisation programme”. To be sure, to be sure…

Palaeocons say Dubya must go. Pat Buchanan, Taki Theodoracopulos and the rest of the gang at The American Conservative have spoken. “GOP Must Go”, its election editorial reads. Because he hasn’t invaded California to stop some of Arnie’s more centralist measures?