Good to see some are getting priorities right:
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From: Penfold, Hilary (DPS)
Sent: Thursday, 2 November 2006 12:28 PM
To: SEN-Senators; REPS-Members
Cc: Barnes, Maggie (DPS); Griffith, Karen (DPS);
Cornish, Catherine (REPS); Paterson, Chris
(D. Hawker, MP); Morris, Don (Sen P. Calvert )
Subject: Corkage charges in Members' Club and MGDR
BYO facilities are available to Senators and Members
in the Members' Club and the Members' Guests Dining Room.
Following discussion at a recent Joint House Committee
meeting, the Hyatt has agreed to reduce the corkage charge
to $5 per bottle.
For further information please call the Hyatt on extn
5132 or 5658.
Hilary Penfold