So why did the ABC kill off The Glass House? And what will take its place? With concerns – justified or not – that the decommissioning represents the penetration of concern about ABC bias, will The Glass House be replaced by a show of a similar type?

Yesterday, the ABC told Crikey cryptically that the network will be replacing The Glass House with “a new comedy show that will attempt to find a broad church like The Glass House“.

Just what this means is hard to gauge – the ABC would not define what it meant by “comedy”. Will a legitimately new show be commissioned, in the news-based satire vein? Will the ABC simply import a new comedy program? 

Or could the ABC engage in some artful shuffling – placing an existing show in the newly free timeslot? One of the best bets is that The Chaser’s War on Everything will end up in the 9.30pm Wednesday timeslot: there’s been pressure to get it a better timeslot than the dead zone of Friday nights, and it’s earned its stripes this year by achieving increasing ratings despite the difficult spot.

By not commissioning The Glass House again next year, the ABC has axed a program that was relatively successful. Some would argue that the ABC axed The Glass House because the organisation is scared of success. That’s certainly the line that Wil Anderson’s running in The Daily Tele today.  

Secondly, while the ratings have been OK this year, the ABC was there for us when the numbers were so low even David Tench would look down at us… Which is why the sacking came as such a shock. It’s like we were in a relationship and at the start we didn’t have a job, sat on the couch and smoked bongs, and none of their friends liked us.

But they believed in us so we cleaned ourselves up, got a job and won over their friends. And that’s when they said: “Look, it’s not you. We just want to spend more time with Adam Hills.”

As for whether another station will make friends with The Glass House gang, Seven and Nine have said they won’t take the show on, but Channel Ten is yet to comment.