Putting emissions in perspective: PlanetArk has a ranking of industrialised nations based on their rises in greenhouse gas emissions between 1990 and 2004 here.

Reframing the debate: The Stern Report has redefined the climate change debate overnight in Australia, writes Dennis Shanahan. The previously “superficial, single-issue” debate has developed a sudden complexity as a result of being presented in economic terms. Now the Howard government is scrambling to put together a comprehensive policy, while the Opposition maintains its commitment to ratifying Kyoto – but the issue goes way beyond that. The Australian

OPEC Secretary says Stern Report unfounded: General Mohammed Barkindo said yesterday that the Stern Report has no basis in either science or economics, and that OPEC (which represents countries holding two thirds of the world’s known oil reserves) is generally opposed to such research. Financial Express

The world’s gone green – but is it too late?: “Only when a major catastrophe looms will the necessary international cooperation, awareness and solidarity be forthcoming … By the time we get to the brink, the momentum and systemic inertia which took us there may well be too strong to reverse.” Written in 1988, environmentalist Jonathon Porritt’s prediction now seems uncomfortably accurate. The Guardian