Crikey readers already knew about it, but yesterday the Sydney Morning Herald reported on the US Senate race in Connecticut which is challenging conventional wisdom on the poll.

Former Democratic vice-presidential candidate Joe Lieberman was defeated in the primary back in August because of his support for the Iraq war, but is running as an independent – and has a lead of up to 17% on Democrat Ned Lamont.

Lamont’s anti-war message made him a Democratic Party star over the summer. Now things are different. Lamont has a very well-resourced campaign – he is a fibre optic entrepreneur – but seems certain to lose.

The Connecticut race has complicated debate over the war. If troops are brought home from Iraq, as Lamont demands, will America or the Middle East be safer? Is this even the issue here?

From the Connecticut race, it looks as if Americans may well be voting against the mishandling of the war, not the war itself.