Africa up in smoke?: A coalition of the UK’s leading development and environmental agencies (The Working Group on Climate Change and Development) has released a report – Africa: Up in Smoke 2 – showing that climate change is already having a severe impact on the lives of people in Africa, and it’s set to get a lot worse unless the international community acts now.

Sydney’s vanishing shoreline: Conservative projections from Sydney researchers put much of Sydney’s waterfront at risk from rising sea levels of even a metre by the close of the century, while the beach at Narrabeen could be gone by 2050. Sydney Morning Herald

Clark focuses on climate change: New Zealand PM Helen Clark has indicated a radical “greening” of Labour policies, with climate change and sustainable development becoming the highest priorities. Clark has even floated the idea of New Zealand becoming carbon neutral, a step up from just curbing emissions. 

Make a difference: Alongside the stories of just how bad things are going to get are an increasing number of articles for those who want to know what they can do to help fight climate change. Lucy Seigle explores five things anyone can do (and rates how effective they are) to help reduce carbon emissions. Guardian Unlimited