Making money from climate change: It’s taken a while, but someone has finally tried to put a positive spin on climate change. This article from the Financial Times points out the enormous opportunities that exists for businesses to profit from the need to reduce carbon emissions, an “industry” that could be worth $1,000 billion over its first five years. Financial Times

So, how green are you?: It’s easy to be self-righteous and indignant about climate change – much more difficult to actually change our patterns of energy consumption. While our newfound environmentalism has inspired much soul-searching, it is yet to be translated into personal action. Times Online

Morgan Stanley signs up for carbon trading: Morgan Stanley has announced it plans to spend up to $3 billion USD over the next five years on carbon emissions credits and other initiatives outlined in the Kyoto Protocol. Globe and Mail

Harper’s made-in-Canada approach not good enough: An ex-US official has criticised the Canadian government’s green policy, and urged businesses to lead the way in reducing emissions. Paul O’Neill, former US treasury secretary, is encouraging the Harper government to take a global approach, instead of concentrating on the fact that Canada is responsible for only 2% of the world’s emissions. Star Phoenix

Climate change policy challenge: Western Australia’s peak mining body says that climate change should be addressed without giving a trading advantage to those countries without environmental controls – which means also ensuring that polluting industries aren’t just moved overseas. ABC NewsOnline