As the Queensland Liberal Party annual state conference draws closer, the factional carry-on gets worse and worse.

“Public brawling in the Queensland Liberals continued yesterday, with federal MP Michael Johnson revealing his local branch faced suspension following attacks on Howard government minister Santo Santoro,” The Australian reports.

“I always put the interest of the Liberals first and for that reason I will not engage in public brawling with a colleague,” Santoro has responded.

Queensland Liberal leader Bruce Flegg has been forced to hose the parties down.

But it’s not just Johnson and his krew in Klan Khemlani who are angry with Santoro. It’s everyone.

The Klan don’t have anywhere near the numbers by themselves but the anti-Santo push is on big time at conference. Smart operators loosely with Santo have been quietly talking with one (or all) of the three opposing groups to protect their personal interests. Santoro’s personal interventions – read verbal abuse – is losing its impact these days.

Queensland Liberal state director and Santoro man Geoff Greene is shaking in his boots. He was an architect of the dumping of Bob Quinn just before the state poll. None of the other groups in the party will talk to him.

Santoro’s candidate for the presidency will get up because no one else has nominated. However, however the make up of the council will be going over firmly for the first time to the anti-Santoro forces at conference.

It’s going to be surprises all round when conference meets, it seems. Next weekend will be easily the cheapest tickets to the best show in BrisVegas.