Rationing the future: Carbon rationing is the only climate change policy that will work, writes Mark Lynas, because the only way to avert the looming ecological crisis is to make a planned transition from a high-carbon society to a low-carbon society. It requires a total altering of national priorities, and the survival of the planet depends upon it. New Statesman

Climate change could cause global economic collapse: A report due to be released next week turns the US argument against tackling climate change (that it would be bad for the economy) on its head. Sir Nicholas Stern, a former chief economist with the World Bank, will warn that nations that fail to reduce carbon emissions will be facing economic ruin. The Guardian

Australian farmers going unrewarded: Introducing a carbon trading scheme would mean that Australian farmers could receive an extra $1.8 billion by 2012. According to the Climate Institute, reductions in land clearing by farmers has been responsible for the majority of greenhouse gas emission reductions in Australia to date, but the farmers have received no reward and no acknowledgment. The Age

Blair under fire: Tony Blair is under increasingly intense pressure not to produce a ‘watered down’ climate change Bill, and particularly to make a commitment to annual instead of long-term reduction targets. This is looking more and more unlikely though,with Downing St confirming yesterday that the preference was for long-term targets. The Independent

Meanwhile, The Independent has drafted its own green paper – read it here.

Solar rebate will continue: Federal Treasurer Peter Costello has confirmed that he wants to see the rebate on solar energy continue – and acknowledged that this was due in part to the Sunrise petition which collected over 175,000 signatures in support of the rebate. 7News 

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