But the orange-bellied parrot will be safe. One thing we haven’t seen mentioned in coverage of the yesterday’s Solar Systems announcement – how much of it is designed to shaft the wind lobby? There’s been plenty of fighting between the Libs and Pacific Hydro, who are pushing for a wind farm in Victoria’s south-west. The Libs have pointed to Pacific Hydro’s parent company Industry Funds Services, saying it is union-based and is closely linked with the Labor Party. Victorian Liberal energy spokesman Phillip Davis bagged IFS chair Gary Weaven as recently as last month, calling him “a well-known personality in the superannuation industry representing unions”. Favouring solar damages Pacific Hydro – and helps save the orange bellied parrot .

Australia polls poorly on press freedom. Australia has come in at number 35 on Reporters sans Frontières press freedom index – tied with Bulgaria, France and Mali. “Australia lost ground because of anti-terrorist laws potentially dangerous for journalists,” according to the survey. Finland is the number one country, with North Korea, Turkmenistan and Eritrea the worst violators of press freedom.

Power brokers flex their muscles. Tectonic plates are moving in the Queensland Libs. Khemlani is mightily annoyed with right heavy Senator Santo Santoro and is making a big push to knock his people off state council. It appears that state election fundraising lies at the heart of this dispute – that candidates were asked to put their hands in their pockets and dig deep, but that the money was siphoned off to Santoro candidates rather than going to the Klan Khemlani.