Methane to markets: China is nearing completion on its first “methane to markets” project, which is part of an international initiative to capture greenhouse gas emissions from industry and use them for power generation. The project is expected to reduce 40 million metric tons of carbon equivalent over the next 20 years. SignOnSanDiego

Targets aren’t tough enough: Ministers in the UK will decide today on new long-term targets to cut carbon emissions in Britain, after intense pressure from green groups who claimed the current targets weren’t enough. The Guardian

Don’t panic: An Australian academic has told farmers not to panic, saying he believes that there is only a “very remote possibility” that next year will fail to deliver drought-breaking rains — so farmers should think carefully about rushing to reduce their operations. The Age

Frogs at risk of extinction : A fungal disease linked to climate change that has already killed large numbers of amphibians in South and Central America has now been seen in Europe. The infectious illness has wiped out entire frog populations in Spain, and could push some species to extinction. AlertNet

Climate change threatens global security: UK Foreign Secretary Margarett Beckett, speaking in Berlin on Tuesday, has described climate change as a serious threat to international security. “In short, a failing climate means more failed states. And that has implications for everything we want to achieve from conflict prevention and resolution to counter-terrorism.”