Monopoly on bad behaviour? Former Tasmanian deputy premier Bryan Green, former health minister John White, and adviser Guy Nicholson are expected to appear in court this morning on conspiracy charges over the Tasmanian Compliance Corporation monopoly building accreditation scheme in what observers are calling a “Rowse like case“. White and Green also face a charge of interfering with an executive officer, a breach of the Criminal Code. Meanwhile, the Labor contender for the vital Launceston based marginal of Bass, Steve Reissig, has withdrawn his candidacy.

Musical chairs. Retiring Democrats Natasha Stott Despoja and Andrew Murray are being “abominably selfish” and hurting their party’s chances by not leaving now and creating casual vacancies, Malcolm Mackerras has told the Canberra Times – provoking a very sharp response from their colleague Andrew Bartlett. Also responding sharply are members of the Balkanised South Australian division of the Dems, to a letter from Stott Despoja that tells them that the party “will need to look outside its ranks for proven and potential vote-winners” in its search for a successor.

Malcolm takes the pulse? Detailed polling appears to be taking place of the voting intentions and issues that matter of the residents of the newly redrawn – and very marginal – seat of Wentworth.

Finished with politics but hanging around the front door. The next Queensland Liberal premier (until the last election) Michael Caltabiano cut a lonely figure at Aussies in Parliament House recently. The former Liberal Brisbane city councillor turned state MP has reportedly shown an interest in a far north Queensland federal seat – but it appears an outspoken and colourful sitting member from that region has no hesitation in recommending that Caltabiano rapidly return to Brisbane and undergo some self-gratification along the way.