Do ABC staff have more to lose than gain from striking? Yes, ABC New and Current Affairs director John Cameron told them in an email last Friday:

From: Louise Lander On Behalf Of John Cameron

Sent: Friday, 20 October 2006 3:48 PM

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Subject: Note from John Cameron Importance: High I believe there’s enough mutual respect between myself and many News/Caff staff for this note to be accepted by you in good faith. It is your right to disagree, but it’s also my responsibility to lay out the facts in the face of the ongoing industrial action. I’d ask that you give serious consideration to the wisdom of the action. The union rhetoric does not match the realities:

  • The pay offer – 12 per cent over three years – is reasonable by most external comparisons.
  • The offer is more than the ABC has been funded for.
  • ABC journalists have historically had job security and other benefits not enjoyed by other media organisations.
  • However, the size of the offer means we will have to again consider job cuts. And any further increase would certainly lead to the loss of editorial positions and a reassessment of our program priorites.
  • You should be fully aware that the unions are putting your jobs on the line – whether you are a union member or not.
  • I’ve been here 23 years, and I respect that union and/or staff campaigns in the past have been fought and won on good, solid ground. This is not one of those. There have been no significant trade-offs or concessions during the enterprise bargaining process to allow a higher wages offer. You are not losing anything. In fact, there have been some improvements to your conditions. But, primarily, the deal is about salaries – and the offer is a very fair one.
  • I know that many staff are unhappy at the union tactics and the disruption to their programs, let alone their loss of pay and the delay in receiving the full offer.
  • I ask that you consider whether you are prepared to continue with rolling industrial action, given the above points – and considering that there is no more salary funding available.

Let’s get on with our program-making – and at the same time protect your jobs and the editorial health of the News and Current Affairs division. I’m more than happy to discuss any of the issues involved in more detail, with individuals, program areas or state and regional newsrooms.  Regards John Cameron Director News and Current Affairs