Britons bad habits waste energy: British people waste more energy than the inhabitants of any other European nation, according to a recent report. Even a few simple measures, like turning off lights in empty rooms and unplugging electrical appliances when not in use, could save up to 43 million ton of carbon dioxide being released by 2010. The Independent

We fiddle as the continent turns to dust: It’s time to admit that our attempts to turn Australia into another Europe have failed miserably, writes Paul Sheehan. The bush is dying, arid zones are advancing, and the Howard government has done virtually nothing in the past decade to “mobilise the nation against the greatest threat to its survival.” Sydney Morning Herald

On the move: One of the most dramatic effects of climate change in the coming century could well be the mass movement of people across the globe. As seas rise, and droughts, water shortages, floods and storm surges make more countries uninhabitable, hundreds of millions of environmental refugees will be created. Gulf Times

Do as Denmark does: The Danish prime minister has called for the EU to follow Denmark’s example as it develops a common energy policy. And as Denmark is the only nation in the bloc that is a net exporter of energy, and that has kept consumption flat, it’s probably worth listening to. Reuters