Colleagues of Community Services Minister John Cobb lined up to sink the slipper into him after his alleged comments on disabled children.

While only Sophie Mirabella seemed prepared to put her name to them, Cobb is a case study for anyone wanting to know why the Liberals hate their Coalition cousins.

There are plenty of ambitious Libs who want to know just how a village idiot like Cobb can fill a frontbench position.

Naturally, a certain aspect of self interest is involved with that view – but it also appears that Cobb’s own party has ambiguous opinions on his quality.

There’s talk that, after the NSW redistribution, National Farmers Federation heavy Peter Corrish will contest Cobb’s seat of Parkes for the Nats – while Cobb himself will line up against independent Peter Andren in Calare.

The charitable interpretation says that this is the best way the Nats can deploy their resources. The other says it’s a great way to get rid of Cobb.