Two of the biggest media gorillas are now out of the cage, but where’s MacBank?

MacBank already owns Australia’s largest network of regional radio stations. It also owns Broadcast Australia, which among other things is making a motza out of broadcasting the ABC signal. So what next?

According to some industry insiders, Macquarie Communications Infrastructure Group (MCG) has a long term “Glass to glass” strategy – that is, it wants to own and operate every aspect of TV operation, from picture capture (glass lens on camera in studio) to storage, playout, distribution and transmission.

The theory is that the Government is likely to gradually sell off everything the national broadcaster owns except the journalists and a few admin folk (yes, BBC and ABC).

If that happens MCG will be able to bid for the digital spectrum and mobile TV, thereby controlling even more of the infrastructure.

MCG currently owns 650 towers around Australia and they’re the only company that can offer the ABC a national coverage.

And here’s the kicker; should the ABC decide (with a little help) that as everyone has a mobile phone, mobile-TV delivery should be part of the ABC’s charter, then the ABC will have to contract MCG to deliver mobile TV to the masses, thereby delivering another tsunami of cash. Ka-ching.