A drier and hotter Oz: Climate change is upon us and may get worse. It is time to re-examine our drought policy and see what is appropriate for a drier and hotter Australia. — Professor Peter Cullen, The Sydney Morning Herald

The northern Larsen Ice Shelf collapse: Scientists reveal that stronger westerly winds in the northern Antarctic Peninsula, driven principally by human-induced climate change, are responsible for the marked regional summer warming that led to the retreat and collapse of the northern Larsen Ice Shelf. — Innovations Report

Iceland condemned for whaling: As its government announced the breaking of an international moratorium that has banned commercial whaling worldwide for 20 years, the Australian government called Iceland’s decision “a disgrace”, and just about every western environmental group leapt to fire cliches at them. — The Guardian

Philippines’ green lawyers: There is a new breed of lawyers in this country and they are called the green lawyers—environmental lawyers if you will. They are at the forefront in the advocacy of tougher and more comprehensive laws on environmental protection, fighting cases against local government bodies which fail to enforce the law by looking the other way… — ABS-CBN Philippines