Nine’s AFL club welcomes Gary Pert. As expected, the Nine Network has gone for a member of Melbourne’s AFL establishment in filling the vacant manager’s gig at GTV9. Gary Pert, the long time tip and Collingwood mate of Nine boss, Eddie McGuire, was yesterday named to replace Paul Waldren. Pert is also a former Collingwood player (unlike Eddie and his mates). Pert has been the Melbourne manager for Austereo for the last 13 years and is also a member of the Collingwood Football Club board. Nine’s senior management now consists of Eddie, his mate and former AFL lawyer Jeff Browne; Cos Cardone, director of light entertainment and former producer of the AFL Footy Show and Gary Linnell, a Geelong supporter and for 15 years a well-regarded Melbourne AFL writer. On the outer is Steve Crawley, a Sydney-based Rugby League supporter and former News Ltd and Pay TV journo and producer. Ian Audsley, the Chief Operating Officer doesn’t rate nor does Brent Cubis, the CFO, who is really a Park Street operative. — Glenn Dyer

Last night’s TV ratings

The Winners: Ten had to win last night with House ending for the year (2.134 million), Thank God You’re Here on fire (1.828 million) and NCIS strong at 9.30pm (1.452 million). Seven News was next with 1.452 million, followed by Home and Away (1.399 million), Today Tonight (1.295 million), A Current Affair (1.242 million). Nine News (1.184 million — a low number), Seven’s The Force (1.170 million) and Police Files (1.156 million).

The Losers: Not Bert, a solid 564,000 viewers. Deal Or No Deal back down under 800,000 to 770,000. No impact on Seven News which wins big. The real losers, CSI Miami, 874,000 at 8.30pm: hurt by House‘s finale. The Unit on Seven at 9.30pm, 640,000, Nine’s Survivor Cook Islands, 644,000 at 9.30pm. The New Inventors on the ABC is being hurt by Thank God, it averaged a worthy 761,000 last night.

News & CA: Seven News again won nationally and in every market in another strong night. Nine News surprisingly weak again. Seven won by 107,000 in Perth and 243,000 nationally. Big wins in Sydney, Melbourne and a nice one in Brisbane. At 6.30pm, Today Tonight won but Seven lost audience from the News and A Current Affair on Nine gained. The turn-off from TT was again noticeable in Melbourne. TT won by 72,000 in Perth and 53,000 nationally. Ten News averaged 790,000, a little lower than normal, the 7pm ABC News 961,000 and The 7.30 Report was again whacked by Ten and Thank God, falling to average 722,000. In the mornings Seven’s Sunrise averaged 493,000 from 7am to 9am, Early Sunrise, 299,000, Today down to 220,000. The situation is becoming desperate, just the thing for John Alexander, Ian Law, Eddie McGuire and Gary Linnell (so many decisionmakers) to show they know TV and do something about!

The Stats: Ten won with a share of 33.9% (29.4% a week earlier), from Seven with 25.0% (25.2%), Nine with 22.7% (22.4%), the ABC with 15.1% (14.7%) and SBS with 3.4% (8.3%. The Socceroos game was on SBS a week ago). Ten won all five metro markets. Seven leads the week 28.5% to 26.4% for Ten and 25.3% for Nine. Nine should recover second place tonight. In regional areas, Southern Cross (Ten) won with a share of 29.2% from WIN/NBN for Nine with 26.8%, Prime/7Qld with 26.0%, the ABC with 13.9% and SBS with 4.0%.

Glenn Dyer’s comments: Ten’s night, easily and another bad Wednesday for Nine. Things will change a bit now that House has gone but Ten is bringing its new series Tripping Over to Wednesday night. The hope is that it will retain viewers from Thank God who are older (in their 30s and 40s) and also House viewers. McLeod’s is struggling against Thank God. There will be 24 of those next year to compete against. McLeod’s is financed by outside investors so that may limit Nine’s freedom to revamp. It will need more money. And Miami Vice, sorry, CSI Miami, is dying badly, like CSI New York. Stylised boring formless police procedurals. Survivor Cook Islands is a waste of space. The Unit for Seven at 9.30pm weakened badly. Tonight Ten has Jamie’s Kitchen Australia, a good risky show. Ten also has David Tench, Jericho (which faded last week) and Ronnie Johns. Nine has high hopes that the extroverted Jules Lund will make Big Questions work at 8.30pm and deliver a nice audience to RPA at 9.30pm. From the promos and the guff in the papers Big Questions is a cross between Spicks and Specks, You May be Right and Clever with a bit of fun and laughter thrown in. It is stopgap programming and not an answer. Big Questions will have to drag in well over 1.1 to 1.2 million viewers. Two and A Half Men was getting 1.1 million and it was cheap programming. Seven has Earl, Celebrity Survivor, Bones. Nine also has Getaway which needs to lift its game. Probably Nine, but I am often wrong.