Flying in the face of science: The UK has to reconcile its aviation policy with its climate change policy, according to researchers at Oxford University. If current policies (including an expansion of airports that will double passenger numbers to 470 million in 2030) are followed, carbon dioxide from air travel could account for up to two-thirds of the UK’s emission targets by 2050, making the intended reduction of 60% almost impossible to achieve. Guardian Unlimited

Failure to act will cost trillions: A recent study has found that failure to act on climate change now will end up costing trillions of dollars by the end of the century — a figure that doesn’t even take into account loss of biodiversity, or the potential risk of unpredictable events. ABC News (US)

Locals opposed to coal: The coal industry is set to move into the Upper Hunter Valley, and locals aren’t happy. And it’s not just because of the coal dust and the scarring of the landscape that usually accompanies mining — the mine poses a very real threat to local water supplies. Sydney Morning Herald

The next wave: Portugal has given a boost to the idea of using waves as a lucrative renewable energy source by announcing the world’s first commercial wave-energy project. Located in northern Portugal, it’s expected to power 1500 homes through the national grid, and a further 28 devices will be in place within the year. WorldPress