Ex coal exec on the unholy trinity: It’s hard to be positive when humanity is facing the convergence of three issues that will profoundly alter our way of life: climate change, peak oil and water shortages. Population is set to expand just as real and imminent global limits on resources have emerged. The only possible benefit of this is that the crisis will trigger a tipping point, resulting in radical social and economic reform, whether we like it or not. — Sydney Morning Herald

Environment Minister doesn’t get the science : After nearly nine months in power, it seems that Canada’s Environment Minister Rona Ambrose has not yet received a briefing from her department’s experts on climate change. Her supporters claim she already knows the issues but many environmentalists are appalled, more so because they believe they’re being shut out of the Harper government’s policy development. — The Hill Times

Rice paddies help with emissions: China is the second largest emitter of carbon on the planet — but its extensive rice paddies (covering 45.7 million hectares of land) may provide more help than previously thought. Researchers have recently found that the total amount of carbon stored in the soil of paddy fields is 5.1 billion tonnes — 66-75% higher than previous estimates. — New Scientist

The nuclear solution: The world needs 20 times more nuclear reactors to save it from the devastation of climate change, says John Ritch, director of the World Nuclear Association. — International Herald Tribune