The Winners: Monday night is Grey’s Anatomy night (first with 1.875 million) for Seven. It is also becoming Home and Away night for Seven (second with 1.517 million) as the program buries Nine’s Temptation and it is also Australian Idol night (third with 1.506 million) for Ten. Seven News‘s recovery continued from last week with 1.452 million, then Today Tonight with 1.399 million and Nine News was sixth with 1.250 million. Temptation was seventh with 1.237 million, A Current Affair was next with 1.221 million and Criminal Minds was next for Seven with 1.203 million at 9.30, which won the slot. Andrew Denton’s Enough Rope averaged 1.136 million. The Little Britain interview was vastly more interesting than Joanne Lees the previous week. Australian Story with Bindi Irwin averaged 1.135 million. Nine’s 7.30 program, What’s Good For You, averaged 1.075 million (down), The Great Outdoors averaged 1.062 million, Ten’s repeat of Law and Order SVU at 8.30 averaged 1.055 million and the 7pm ABC News was the 15th and final program with a million or more viewers with 1.022 million people.

The Losers: What A Year (972,000) and Cold Case (852,000) are both in terminal decline for Nine. Mike Munro and Megan Gale are struggling to sound enthusiastic about What A Year. Munro and Gale were given a dodgy premise for a program from the start: it was a spin-off from the far better 20 to 1. Bert’s Family Feud averaged 574,000 (not a loser) but Deal Or No Deal on Seven kicked higher (new series?) and the audience jumped by 150,000 or so to 931,000. What’s Good For You fell last night to just over a million, a worrying loss for a program that rated over 1.2 million the week before. Nine can’t blame Idol or The Great Outdoors which were around the previous week’s levels. What’s Good For You is coming to resemble a softer, gentler version of A Current Affair or TT with new creams for fighting ageing, washing your hands, sucking your thumb and oxygen therapy.

News & CA: Seven News and Today Tonight didn’t need Perth wins to win nationally. Seven News won all markets, even Brisbane! TT won all markets, even Melbourne where Naomi Robson has been on the nose. Nine’s figures have fallen in the past week, Seven’s have been fairly constant. With ABC News doing well The 7.30 Report averaged 882,000, Four Corners, 853,000 and Media Watch, 826,000. Today Show remains depressed with the 7am program averaging 241,000, well behind the 449,000 for regular Sunrise and the 271,000 for Early Sunrise.

The Stats: Seven won with a share of 31.1% (30.0% a week earlier) from Nine with 23.6% (24.8% ), Ten with 21.8% (22.4%), the ABC with 17.3% (16.0%) and SBS with 6.3% (6.8%). Seven won all five metro markets. Seven leads the week clearly by 28.3% to 25.3%. WIN/NBN won for Nine with a share of 28.8% from Prime/7Qld with 25.7%, Southern Cross (Ten) with 22.7%, the ABC with 15.3% and SBS with 7.4%.

Glenn Dyer’s comments: A bad night for Nine. It was again uncompetitive and the way What A Year and Cold Case are sinking would be extremely worrying. Cold Case was a new ep. Viewers don’t want to know it and What A Year is a turkey compared to 20 to 1 which remains a good idea because it came first. Both programs are at levels which ended the chances of other programs on Nine earlier in the year. Seven News and Today Tonight have fought back (despite the drawbacks of Naomi Robson) or is it that Nine News and ACA have again lost their way? Tonight there is no relief for Nine with Seven having Dancing with the Stars and Ten a third edition of Idol at 7.30 for an hour. Tomorrow night it is Ten with Thank God You’re Here and the last House for the year.