At last, we’re official! The VEC called at 5pm last night, after seemingly interminable delays, and confirmed that People Power has been registered as a political party in Victoria.

We finished up with 537 legitimately enrolled Victorians who replied to the VEC letter asking if they were members and the hair-splitting objections were dismissed.

Despite considerable coverage about our so-called membership problems, especially in The Australian, we only managed a brief in the Herald Sun today. Then again, a new party getting registered is hardly news, just like an expelled member objecting to the registration wasn’t either.

Anyway, we’ve got to first base and today we’ll hopefully get some more good news out of scrutineering for People Power’s tilt at the RACV board. After 24 failed board tilts, I’m highly confident that the drought will be broken today – albeit by my better half, Paula Piccinini, who is nervous about all these pending board responsibilities at a $2 billion mutual. Our other candidate, transport professor Marcus Wigan, is also a chance.

It’s amazing how much carping and moaning goes on in politics. Can you believe someone lodged a complaint with the Australian Communications and Media Authority alleging that one of the email updates was illegal spam.

We all know that political material is exempt but the ACMA bloke tried to claim Bracksed was commercial because there was a link to Crikey in the disclaimer. Anyway, he’s agreed to let me spam him for the next few editions just to make sure it’s not a commercial venture.

Coverage of the Victorian election is quite instructive for those watching the debate about media ownership laws.

The Packer-controlled Channel Nine, which still has a ban on Crikey emails, was the only network not to cover the story about Labor’s attempted pokies clampdown last night.

Hmmm, does owning one of the world’s biggest casinos colour the political coverage of Nine? As an anti-pokies party we’re not expecting many favours out of Nine.