Bruvvers blunder. Forget the stories today about vote rigging in the campaign for the ALP federal presidency. What about the bruvvers’ blunder that saw two members of the left elected? Why didn’t the Right run a woman – and have an eastern state standard bearer as their lead candidate?

Sol’s sunny outlook. Crikey understands that only 300 of 520 Telstra base stations in South Australia have been upgraded to 3G – which makes the claims on page 38 of the T3 prospectus rather odd. Sol has a sunny outlook on meeting his targets, it seems.

Yet more JSF worries. Retired Air Vice Marshal Peter Criss has publicly expressed concerns about Australia’s fighter program at the same time as the Dutch audit office has expressed concerns about the financial risks for the Netherlands of the Joint Strike Fighter project. Working through the numbers, it appears that the Dutch are currently working on a budgetary cost of around $110 million per item for the JSF. Australians are being fed a line on costs of about $US45 million per plane.

Entsch bill details emerge. Warren Entsch’s private member’s bill aiming to remove discrimination for same-sex couples from federal law will require all government ministers to review legislation in their portfolios to identify areas of discrimination and make amendments to recognise “interdependent” same-sex relationships, this week’s Sydney Star Observer reports.

More gay rights and wrongs. Following on from the list of gay friendly – and not so friendly – pols, here’s a cute line from SA state Liberal MP David Pisoni. “The Premier promised to introduce legislation to protect same-sex couples from discrimination in the first session of the 51st parliament. This has not been done… I believe that this cynical position by the Rann government would have Don Dunstan creasing his safari suit, rolling over in his grave.”

One for long time subscribers. Who says I hate the Greens?

Peter Fray

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