A few weeks ago there was a lot of talk over whether a bloke named Lyon would throw his hat in the ring for the St Kilda coach’s job.

Yesterday the Saints did indeed name Lyon as their coach for the next three years – although as it turned out it was former Fitzroy player and Sydney assistant Ross, rather than Footy Show host Garry.

The disappointing thing, though, is that by the time the Saints unveiled their man at their lunchtime press conference, it was pretty much old news. Caroline Wilson had told 3AW on Tuesday night that Lyon was home, and just about every media outlet on Wednesday morning led with the news of his impending appointment. It wasn’t so much a leak as a flood.

So why was it that there are reports suggesting the unsuccessful applicants weren’t officially told until late Wednesday morning?

The Herald Sun‘s Mike Sheahan has suggested that those who missed the job, including the Bulldogs’ Chris Bond, were not told until only an hour or so before the press conference, by which point the news was everywhere.

The Saints’ hierarchy would have known on Tuesday evening that the footy media was onto the story en masse: surely that was the time to break the news to the guys who’d been through such an exhaustive interview process?

Instead they waited until it was way too late. That’s not great form. Then there’s the question of the leak in the first place, which wasn’t in the interests of anybody involved.

Saints’ president Rod Butterss said at the press conference that Lyon had been chosen at least in part because they believed he would put in place the systems and structures needed for the team to be a success.

Seems to us like the same focus might need to be applied to the executive end of operations at Moorabbin.