Following last Friday’s drenching at the Telstra investor day, we saw an outpouring of (not always) witty headlines and puns from the nation’s journalists. Not to be outdone, Crikey readers have sent their own headlines into the Crikey-Telstra-Driza Bone competition, with the field still wide open. Send your ideas to [email protected] by midnight tonight for a chance to win a Driza-Bone, guaranteed to keep you dry in even the most unexpected corporate downpour. There’s one up for grabs in each state.

Meanwhile, here are a few more of our favourites:

  • T3: Jump on in, the water’s fine – Cameron Lewis

  • Misty-eyed analysts leave Telstra briefing two-by-two – Tim Deyzel
  • Sol breaks drought on telco future – Alan Lander
  • Sprinkler detects too much hot air at Sol’s speech – Robert McWaters
  • Buoyancy of T3 float tested from day one – Jonathan Maher
  • Sol the miracle man breaks drought – Philip Mullens
  • T3: Rise of the Thermostats – Stephen Yan