Entries in the Telstra headline competition have been raining down on the Crikey bunker. We’ve been swamped by responses. The bunker is awash with entries.

Winners will be announced on Friday, giving everyone a chance to enter the running for a new Driza-Bone, this spring’s must-have item in the increasingly damp world of investor relations. There’s one for each state. So get punning and send your entries to [email protected]

Here are some of our favourites so far:

  • Sol reminded of his need for support by Liberal Wets – Stephen Holmes
  • Sol’s enthusiasm leaves wet spot – Roger Wheatley
  • Just Soling in the rain – Chris Dodds
  • Saturated market eyes T3 launch – Jim Murray
  • Telstra broadband strategy not such a dry argument – Phil Minett
  • Telstra launch swamped with Sol at the helm – Neil Hogan
  • (Sol’s) Broadband Vision Just a Wet Dream? – Anne Barker
  • Wet suits all round as Trujillo talks up BigPond surfing – Niall Clugston
  • Abandon ship: ‘Sol’ shower clouds launch – Jay Walker
  • Sol breaks drought on telco future – Alan Lander
  • Sol’s presentation ends in Big Pond – James Sloman
  • Sprinkler detects too much hot air at Sols speech – Robert McWaters