Macca’s v Super Size Me. I’ve an eagle-eyed reader to thank for spotting an unlikely McDonald’s ad in Ten’s Sunday night screening of anti-Macca doco Super Size Me.  A Ten spokesman says the fast food chain booked the ad specifically for the screening, which shows an aggressive approach from McDonald’s to facing its critics. Years ago the company would have run, hid or sued, as it did in the UK in the now infamous McLibel case. — Glenn Dyer

Last night’s TV ratings
The Winners: Monday night is Grey’s Anatomy night and it is not a good night for Nine, not when Ten also has Australian Idol working well. Seven won, Nine was second and Ten was third but the night ain’t working for Willoughby. Grey’s averaged 1.807 million, with the verdict episode of Idol second on 1.506 million. Seven’s Home and Away was third with 1.502 million, followed by Seven News (1.496 million), Today Tonight (1.433 million) and its 6.30pm rival, A Current Affair (1.395 million). Nine News was next with 1.275 million, then Temptation (1.264 million), and Nine’s 7.30pm program, What’s Good For You lifted a touch from its first ep last Monday to average 1.209 million. Andrew Denton interviewed Joanne Lees on Enough Rope last night. It averaged 986,000 for the hour, but the program only went 42 minutes from 9.35pm and actually was watched by an average of 1.053 million. That’s a better look (the Oztam figure was spread across the hour). But more might have been wished for at the ABC given the extensive pre-publicity. That may have been part of the problem, some people may have felt they had seen and read enough with all the stories on before it went to air.

The Losers: Bert’s Family Feud was down to 568,000 and Seven’s Deal Or No Deal was still low at 788,000 but that didn’t have an impact on the 6pm News battle won by Seven. Nine’s Cold Case, 808,000 at 9.35pm in a new episode for Nine was easily beaten by Enough Rope and Criminal Minds on Seven. Body of Evidence at 10.35pm on Nine beaten by Boston Legal on Seven. Seven’s The Great Outdoors is hanging on with just over a million.

News & CA: Seven News won by a surprisingly large margin of more than 220,000 viewers, and only 115,000 of those were in Perth. Seven won Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Nine News won Brisbane. The battle between Today Tonight and A Current Affair was much closer. TT won nationally by 38,000 viewers but 97,000 of those were in Perth. ACA won Sydney (Melbourne by 80,000 Naomi Robson and TT on the nose there) and Brisbane. TT won Adelaide and Perth. The ABC news was OK, The 7.30 Report was strong, up to 854,000. Kerry O’Brien’s presence does help sometimes. Ten News at Five averaged 862,000. Seven’s Sunrise averaged a huge 501,000, early Sunrise 266,000. Today on Nine averaged just 234,000 from 7am and 145,000 from 6am to 7am. Today remains an un-tackled problem for Nine.

The Stats: Seven won with a share of 30.0% (30.5% a week earlier) from Nine with 24.8% (24.5%), Ten with 22.4% (23.3%), the ABC with 16.0% (15.4%) and SBS with 6.8% (6.4%) That’s the Mythbusters impact (667,000 last night). Seven won all five metro markets. Nine leads the week narrowly 26.8% to 26.7%. In regional Australia Nine’s affiliates NBN/WIN won with 28.9% to Prime/7Qld with 25.6%, Southern Cross with 23.1%, the ABC with 15.3% and SBS with 7.1%.

Glenn Dyer’s comments: Another night of some interest. Melbourne’s disenchantment with Naomi and Today Tonight continues. The Wa-Wa saga was a debacle in terms of rebuilding her image in her home town. Seven News had a surprisingly (for the past couple of months) large win last night. What A Year is close to being What a Flop for Nine. Mike Munro and Megan Gale are not Bert Newton in terms of TV ability or just understanding what they can and can’t do. Watch 20 to 1 tonight to see how a master does it. Seven tonight has Dancing With The Stars. Will it make two million viewers or is the celebrity thing a bit old hat? Nine trundles out a repeat of CSI and a new ep of The Closer: Ten has The Wedge and True Stories and Rove Live (is he awake at the moment? viewers ask).