Although Sol Trujillo managed to keep himself dry on Friday when an over-zealous sprinkler system short-circuited his presentation to investors, many of those sitting in the crowd weren’t so lucky. But what was an interruption for the Telstra CEO was also a gift for the nation’s headline writers and journalists. Here’s a list of Crikey’s favourite headlines:

… and quotes:

  • There was Sol, quite justifiably talking up yesterday’s start-up of his new, macho $1 billion mobile broadband network…All must have seemed suddenly right in Sol’s world. Then the rains came down. And Trujillo’s moment in the sun entered the halls of the funniest public relations disasters of modern times. – Matthew Stevens, The Australian
  • For many of the big investors in attendance, it may have been an unhappy reminder of how far they were under water on the last Telstra float. – Kathy Swan, ABC
  • Slapstick may have made a welcome but all-too-rare appearance in the broader investment world this morning, with Telstra boss Sol Trujillo and the audience at the telco’s morning briefing copping a cold shower. – Paul Garvey,
  • And so…we bring you Episode 15 of Fawlty Towers, “When it Doesn’t Rain it Pours”…Sybil Fawlty (John Howard) is henpecking Basil Fawlty (Nick Minchin) about the sale process, while Manuel (Sol Trujillo) gives everyone a tour of the hotel … Suddenly, the hotel sprinklers come on and drench the crowd. Manuel stops speaking. The crowd leaves. – Michael West, The Australian
  • Ever since his arrival on July 1 last year, he has repeatedly said that people should “catch the vision or catch the bus”. On investor day it turned out they needed to catch the wave as well. — Jennifer Hewett, AFR

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