Channel Nine, via website Ninemsn, posed an interesting question of its readers this morning. 

The courts, of course, found Bradley John Murdoch guilty of Falconio’s murder. Nine clearly also wanted to try the matter in its court of public opinion.  But Crikey hears that some Ninemsn staffers were unhappy about the poll.  A source says that the Lees question “was objected to by a number of people at Ninemsn, who were told it could not be changed because the poll is set by the Today show who refer to it during the course of the show”. Apparently, the Executive Producer of the Today show “approved the vote and had it legalled”.  3AW presenter Neil Mitchell was incensed on Lees’ behalf, saying in his Melbourne program this morning that the poll only confirms her argument that she has been brutalised by the Australian media.  Since he raised the issue, the site has had a change of heart, removing any reference to the poll from its site, “possibly because complaints were mounting”, says our source, “whether internal or external I don’t know”.  With its replacement poll, Ninemsn returned to a less provocative line of questioning: