We’ve heard a lot (probably too much) recently about so-called Australian values. But what about un-Australian values?

Yesterday a sports official suggested in Crikey that the car company Holden, by flying a heavily-branded blimp over the MCG on Grand Final Day, was acting in an un-Australian way because its rival Toyota was chief sponsor of the event. But that un-Australianess is nothing compared to the real thing:

  • The new IR laws are “divisive, extreme, unfair and un-Australian” – Kim Beazley.
  • Criticising the federal government over its detention of asylum seekers shows an “un-Australian lack of concern for sovereignty and security” – John Howard.
  • Sleep deprivation is dangerous and un-Australian – Greens Leader Bob Brown.
  • Not eating lamb is un-Australian – Sam Kekovich in a Meat and Livestock Australia ad.
  • Killing people who refer to you by nickname is un-Australian – blogger James Bone.
  • Suggesting there’s an anti-intellectual climate in Australia is un-Australian – actor/cultural commentator Jeremy Sims.
  • The concept of spectators at the Brisbane Gabba “dobbing in a yobbo” by using their mobile phones to alert authorities to any unruly crowd members may be regarded as un-Australian – Queensland Cricket chief executive Graham Dixon.
  • John Howard’s “new nationalism” reflects an Australia which is, at its heart, un-Australian – Christopher Bantick.
  • It’s un-Australian to prevent southerners from migrating to Queensland –Bernard Salt.
  • The Sydney race riots were un-Australian – The Forum on Australia’s Islamic Relations (FAIR).
  • Not to be interested in the AFL Grand Final is un-Australian – HG Nelson.

 Now there’s a set of values for migrants to sign up for.