The Australian reports today:

Attempts by Kim Beazley to secure the support of big business in the lead-up to next year’s federal election have failed, with top-level representatives of Australia’s largest employer organisations angry with Labor for ignoring “those who take investment risk”.

In a letter obtained by The Australian, ten leading business representatives have urged the Opposition Leader to do a policy rethink, especially on Labor plans to wind back John Howard’s workplace laws.

Henry is a representative of small business, indeed what might be called “peko business” (a peko is one billionth of “small”, or something like that.)

Then there is the alternative — someone out of the box like Iron Mark Latham.

Mark Latham reckons the good old-fashioned Australian “bloke” is in crisis, and has been replaced by “nervous wrecks, metrosexual knobs and toss-bags”. In his latest acid musings, the former Labor leader laments a supposed “decline in Australian male culture” which is “one of the saddest things I have witnessed”.

Henry happens to agree with Iron Mark on these matters, but then Henry is not running for high office.

Check out the latest economic news — in Henry’s peko format. The price of oil is down again, and US (and therefore global) bond yields keep falling. Prepare for another term of a Liberal government — the global economy is busy removing Labor’s best and only chance.

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