John Howard’s decision to bulldoze his old mate Geoffrey Cousins onto the Telstra board has got many observers digging into history.

For starters, Cousins will be the fourth Optus refugee foisted on Telstra and the other three – Ziggy Switkowski, Ted Pretty and Bob Mansfield – haven’t exactly set the world on fire.

A favourite Cousins anecdote was revealed in one of those great Pam Williams features in The AFR back in 2000:

According to an account given to The AFR by one of those present during a particularly fiery Optus Vision board meeting, an adjournment was called to let the brawling players cool down. During the break, Optus Vision's chief executive, Geoff Cousins, is said to have walked around to Switkowski and said, "Listen, you p...k, if you say one more thing, I'll throw you out that window."