Déjà vu all over again. Pauline Hanson will be making a comeback to politics after releasing her new book in March, sources say. Will it be another bid for the NSW state parliament – their poll is on March 24, and the Mother of the Nation lives down Cronulla way – or a warm up for the federal election? 

Farting on trains: a clarification. Whoops! We’re told we have the wrong member for Ryde (Friday, item 17). The train farter was the man Michael Photios defeated in 1988, Garry McIllwaine. We’re suitably chastened. In future we’ll just make gags about feather boas and spangles – and how the NSW Liberal wets moan about stacks by neo-uglies but seem so short on talent themselves that they’re recycling former MPs who were always regarded as jokes.

Venezuela is the new Nicaragua. Looking for some PC pleasures? Try a holiday in Venezuela. It’s “at the center of a new, progressive model of socioeconomic development that is shaping Latin America’s future,” according to the experts in left-wing leisure at Global Exchange. Not to mention all the tips you’ll pick up on raucous demagoguery.
The Canadian David Hicks. Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he’s learnt from John Howard – but we appear to have a few things we can learn from our Canuck cousins, according to Greg Barns’s report in the Mercury today on the Canadian David Hicks. 

Crisis in masculinity. “Good blokes have been replaced by nervous wrecks, metrosexual knobs and toss-bags,” Iron Mark writes in the Fairfax rags today. Blud oath! Take a dekko at the cover design of his latest book. It looks like something you’d find in the New Age section down at Dymocks. It’s under embargo until tomorrow. We’ll tell you in the review then if it’s really full of quotes from Kahlil Gibran.