The Daily Telegraph continues to have fun at the expense of the NSW Liberals in the wake of the Epping preselection. And The Australian is finding plenty to report in the challenge to Andrew Humpherson in Davidson.

It’s hard to disagree with the Telegraph. Greg Smith must quit as Deputy DPP. The Oz, however, by focussing on “branch stripping” seems to be overlooking the branch stacking going on against Humpherson in Killara and Roseville.

Then there’s the Legislative Council slot that’s become vacant with moderate Sam Witheridge’s decision to abandon an endorsed position on the ticket for next March’s state election.

Former MP and faction heavy Michael Photios seems keen to occupy the slot, even though it will cost him dearly in terms of his consultancy work and his parliamentary pension.

Some Liberals would rather see some new blood on Macquarie Street – not a bloke best remembered for farting on a train and being slapped by a female passenger for it.

Still, it’s easy to imagine Photios’s first day back on the pews. Talk about laughs. There’d be whoopee cushions everywhere.