Undergraduate humour is legendary for being sometimes brilliant, sometimes absent and sometimes throwing up things you might have hoped were consigned to the dustbin of history long, long ago.

For our Communications Minister, Senator Helen Coonan, part from of her past emerged this week in a Sydney Morning Herald letter to the editor:

In the latest issue of the University of Sydney alumni magazine, mention is made of the 1971 law revue, in which the now Senator Helen Coonan cavorted around the stage with a pair of Holden hubcaps over what were apparently not inconsiderable parts of her anatomy.

Perhaps if the Minister for Communications announced a repeat performance in the chamber, with suitable musical accompaniment, she might deflate her colleagues’ concern over the mooted relaxation of cross-media ownership rules?.

Waving the flag at the University of Sydney’s 1971 law revue (from left) … Nicholas Cowdery, Leo George, David Marr, unknown, Helen Lloyd (Coonan) with hubcaps, “Captain Australia” and Margaret McHarg. Picture: Sydney Alumni Magazine (Spring 2006)

In the interests of public disclosure we’ve tracked down the picture (above). Sharing a stage with Coonan are prominent barrister Nicholas Cowdery QC and the flag-waving SMH columnist and lawyer, David Marr.